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Good protector for your skin

Do you know with is SPF(Sun Protective Factor)? What is PA (Protection Grade of UVA)? Let’s give you some brief idea. SPF is to defense UVB and PA is for the UVA protection. For the sun block products, the PA is mainly use among the Asia especially in Japan.

There are 2 main type of the sun block, the chemical and physical barrier. For the chemical barrier, it contains some chemical substance that will form reaction when the UV rays enter the skin. The chemical substance will break down the UV particles. Some people will have allergy reaction for this. For the physical barrier, the main ingredient is Zinc oxide or Titanium oxide. Both of them act as a shield on top of your skin and reflect the UV rays. So no chemical reaction inside your skin that will cause allergy reaction. For kids, sensitive skin, after skin treatment like laser/peeling/IPL is recommend to use the physical barrier.

For the SPF, it’s an indicator that can resist the UVB ray for how long. 1 SPF =10mins. For example, SPF 30=300mins (6hours) of protection. Many people like to use some product with very high SPF >100, that really not good. The higher the SPF, the more the chemicals inside. So just choose that one that’s good enough for you

For the PA, the more the + is better. There are 3 grading, PA+, PA++, PA+++. The dermatologist is recommenced to use at least PA++ for Asian.

For the application of sun block, you have to apply it 30mins before you expose to the sun and should reapply it every 2 hours, or after lots of sweating or after swimming. As the ozone is getting thinner, it’s better for us to use the sun block as daily use. So choose your own sun block and use it when you are going for any outdoor activities or just simply walking under the SUN.

The UV index and the Sun exposure level:

0 – 2 


3 – 5 


6 – 7 


8 – 10 

Very High






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