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Jill Stuart’s makeup arrive in HK

 No need to go to Japan or Taiwan to get the Jill Stuart’s makeup

products any more. The company will launch the shop @ Faces Harbour City on 5th Dec. Hey ladies, are you ready to get yourself an

early treat for Christmas? Go check out the following link: 





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Another module summary

I’ve just finished the makeup class examination last week. It’s the time for me to prepare my assignment which will be due next Tuesday.

For the makeup part, I got the highest mark among my group. I was really happy about this. Thank you so much for my models, for the one who gave me time for practicing and the one who’s participated at the exam.

Here’s are some photos highlight my works in this module










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2nd module of my make up class

My make up class’s second module already start 3 weeks ago. This time we study the evolution of the make up during different period of time.

The first lesson we study about the gothic period. It’s a dark and mystery period. The make up for that period of time also present the same thing. This is really the first time I use black color for other’s lip. I think this make up can use for Halloween as well.


The second class is about the Victoria period. It’s the period of time with really light make up that you barely able to notice.

I got back my last module assignment in this class, just got a pass for the assignment. For the next assignment, we need to choose a certain period of time and do some research for that period not only for the make up, better including some lifestyle, fashion, big events, fashion icon……The teacher told us the 80’s is most common that the student will pick for the topic and we need to do a make up related to the 80’s for our make up examination too. I better start to look for some information for that~!!


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Pinkish dream~

I am so happy yesterday because I finally got the Jill Stuart cosmetics. The packing is so fancy and lovely, all in pink boxes. I want this brand for so long, when I know my friend going to Taiwan. I asked her to buy the stuff for me at once. The Taiwan counters just open this year, and only have shop at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store and SOGO Taipei.

I ask my friend to bought a few things for me, the loose powder, mix blush compact, brilliance eyes and the pore solid essence. My friend even bought the mirror for me and herself. I used to like the Anna Sui packing with the special scent. It’s mainly black in color with some butterfly and floral pattern, only the whitening product having the white and purple colors. Don’t you feel a bit too dark to use in summer? For the Jill Stuart, these brands using a lot of silver, glasses, and mirror add with some fake jewelry and ribbon. I think many girls even ladies want to have one~

I can’t wait to open and have a look of them. The first thing I open is the mix blush compact, it’s so adorable. It has a brush attach to the compact with a chain. The brush has a cover to keep the brush clean or stain your other stuff. The brilliance eye compact the compact just like a long mirror. It also has a long sponge eye shadow brush inside. Finally I open the loose powder, it a clear plastic box, with a special shape like a Latin lamp without handle. The puff is so soft with a pick ribbon. The last thing is the mirror, with a very beautiful pouch. I didn’t open the pore solid essence; want to try the effect later.

Although I don’t have make up class this week, but I think I’m getting busy to try out my new stuffs.


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The magic base~

Foundation is very important for the whole make up. It is the fundamental part of the whole make up. The make up base is another key element that will affect the result or outcome of the foundation because it can change the texture and correct your skin color. There are many different colors for make up base. Such as white, pink, purple, green and beige are the most common color bases for correcting your face color.

Here’s the chart showing which color base for what kind of use:


White à   improve skin texture

Pink à    make pale skin look healthy

Purple à   reduce the yellow tone in your skin

Green à   reduce the redness of your skin


If you have any problem for your skin to fix~! You better fix it before you apply any foundation. Try to find the suitable skin care products for your skin and a right color base if you want to look magnificent .

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