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Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream

We talked about some eye care earlier. Recently I try an eye cream that I think with really good effect. It’s the “Dior Capture R60-80 TM Yeux Wrinkle Eye Cream”. I start used the sample size first, only 3ml. I can use it for almost 3 weeks for day and night time. The effect is do fast, I used it once, then I can see the different in the morning. The main effect for this cream is anti-wrinkles. I have so many find lines underneath my eye with my dark circle. The morning after, I can see my lines getting more even and feel my skin under my eye’s tightening a bit.

The cream texture is not so thick, rather between gel and cream like. The smell of the cream is very nice, with mild floral fragrance. I’ll keep using it for a while but will still keep another brand for my dark eye circle.



August 8, 2008 at 11:18 am 2 comments

Things that keep away from your face~

Do you have this experience before like me? I like to try out so many new things especially those new face creams, essence and eye cream. Since I am having sensitive skin, I always need to throw it away if my skin couldn’t bare it. It’s such a waste for those expensive things, right? One of my beautician told me that I should throw the stuff away. What I can do is using them for neck cream/essence if your neck skin is less sensitive or can use as body cream for your whole body except the face area. For the eye cream, you can use it on your lips, or finger tips for those rich eye creams.

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