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Nice weather but problem skin><

The weather is getting nice, sunny and breeze in the morning time. Even in the day times it’s not so hot compare to a few weeks ago. Due to the weather change the humidity is getting lower, only around 65% each day. You might feel your skin’s getting dry lately. Since my skin is so sensitive, I felt it like a month ago.

My skin will look not enough hydration and start having lots of acne for the whole month. When I see this sign, I’ll start change my skin products and not allow this condition getting worse, cause it’ll take me more than months to recover. I’m glad that I take the action early enough this year, the condition is under control now. I still have some marks but I only need to do some hydration mask for a period of time to get rid them.

So if you find your skin’s having troubles during the weather change, you should consider changing your skin products. I’m using some AHA products for cleansing and moisturizing. I’ll keep using it for awhile then will start using some hydration products for the whole winter time~!!


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It’s a very common skin problem since teenage. There are different severity vary from individual. Since the problem is mainly on the face, so it’s quite bothering even a small pimple.

Most of people might think the oil that causing the acne, and what they do is try to wash away all the oily feeling on their skin. But since the skin has some defense mechanism, if your skin lack of oil, the sebaceous gland will secret more oil to your skin. The right way to do is using mild soap less free cleanser and cold water to clean you face twice daily. Apply some hydration cream or lotion immediately after you pad dry your skin. Put the acne medication on top as instruction or physician prescription. Try to avoid using make up and not to touch it with your hand.

Many of people like to pinch the acne with pus. Remember you might get infection from doing this. Once your acne gets infection, it might have some acne scar in your face. The acne scar is like a small pit on your face and it’s very hard to treat.

I’m using a really nice acne treatment thing I find out myself. It’s a tea tree oil from Australia. I try a few brands before and this is really my favor. You can apply to the area that is in the early stage of develop acne. It will reduce the size and inflammation effect. When I go travel around, this is a must have item for me, not only for acne, even for some insects bit and small wound.

It’s only some hints for mild acne, if you are having severe one. You’ll better to find a dermatologist to help you. There’re so many different way and combination treatment for treating acne, find the right one and I’m sure you it can cure but you have to be very patient and comply to your treatment.


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