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I’ve mention about hair styling a few times. It’s really a important things for us. The right hair style can make you look so different. It can shape your face; make you look younger or older. The color of the hairs is another important things too~

Some people have really nice hair; they don’t need to spend time to care or to fix it. Most of us dream about having that kind of hair. I find a web site which is so nice that it provide so many hair care, hair styling, teach you how to choose the right style for yourself, here’s the link:

Different hair styles

Different hair styles




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Hair styling products

Hair styling is part of the imagine styling. Last week lesson actually mention about the basic equipments that you need for hair stylish is more than you can imagine. From different type of brushes, combs, hairs pins/clips, hair dryer, curlers/rollers, straightening iron, spray, mud or gel. What I need to get is the straightening, cause I already got the rest of the stuff. I’m having really thin hair, so I don’t need to use the straightening iron, it just make my hair even thinner.

I always travel with my gas curler and some Japanese rollers. It’s so convenience that U just can set your hair within 30 mins time and you can do your make up at the same time. Once I saw some television, the hostess even said she always the curler at home and keep it on her hair when driving. By the time she arrive the broadcast place, the hair just look great at that moment.


Similiar hair curler


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New journey

The reason I start to write this blog is because I just start a make up class @ OUHK. It’s a professional diploma course. I want to record all the things from the beginning. It’s a journey for me to become a make up artist. I want to share the things I learn, good or bad things for a make up artist student.

I also like to try out so many new things about beauty products, hair styling things and make up products of course. I’d like to share my review here too.

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