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my foundation

I’m having combination and sensitive skin. I’m keep using my own foundation and make up base for so many year. I did try something else but still keep using some certain brands as daily use. For daily work, I’m using the Laura mercier’s tinted moisturizer SPF20 base plus some loose powder. It provide the adequate moisture plus a light covering effect. For party or special day, I’m using the Giorgio Armani’s make up base and fluid silk foundation. I always keep the same brand of base with the foundation, cause will think that’s will enhance the effect. The Armani’s foundation’s having a moderate covering effect and it make my skin look healthier and not so thick as compare to those Japanese brand.


For some other recommendation, the High Density foundation from make up forever is another good choice. I’m using the loose powder now, their particles are very fine and it make your skin look so smooth. The foundation is nice too, would like to try it when mine are finished. They are going to launch the make up base around September with 3/4 colors, really want to try it out, cause the testing review is quite good.



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The magic base~

Foundation is very important for the whole make up. It is the fundamental part of the whole make up. The make up base is another key element that will affect the result or outcome of the foundation because it can change the texture and correct your skin color. There are many different colors for make up base. Such as white, pink, purple, green and beige are the most common color bases for correcting your face color.

Here’s the chart showing which color base for what kind of use:


White à   improve skin texture

Pink à    make pale skin look healthy

Purple à   reduce the yellow tone in your skin

Green à   reduce the redness of your skin


If you have any problem for your skin to fix~! You better fix it before you apply any foundation. Try to find the suitable skin care products for your skin and a right color base if you want to look magnificent .

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