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GAP Beauty arrive in HK

GAP beauty just launched their perfume line “Individuals” at Faces this month.

The Original、The Natural、The Visionary、The Artist and The Lover.

 $390 (100ml) / $290 (50ml)




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Other favor things~

I like all the makeup stuff and also try out different brand of skin products. Perfume is another thing that I like. Since I was a kid my smelling sense quite sensitive, I can smell the ingredient while my mom’s cooking in the kitchen and I love the smell of the cooking of rice. It makes me feel so fresh and warm when I was little.

Perfume is another thing that I love to collect and also try out. I collect them not just because the aroma, sometimes it’s the design of the perfume container and sometimes it’s for the name of the perfume. I like to use different kind of perfume for different seasons, weather, day or night time, but the most important is depend on my mood. I always feel that the right aroma can cheer me up and really make my day different.

For day time I usually using some body mist for work, like the Dream/Moon walk (both from GAP & bought from US), mainly using during summer time. For night time, I’m using the Miss Dior Cherie perfume/Bulgari Rose Essentielle.  Anna Sui’s perfume bottles are also my collection, the Night of fancy (new version of Flight of fancy), the bottle’s just look so great to me, cause I love purple things.  I saw some adv lately that the Banana Republic will launch a new series of perfume during November.

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