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No more oil

No people want a greasy look on their faces. We always use so many different ways to prevent our face to look oily. Those oil blotting papers are so commonly use. I know some of my friends are depend on it and couldn’t go out without a pack inside their pockets. Is it the only way that can prevent our face to look greasy?

Definitely not, some people’s sebaceous glands are more active apart from teenage time. For this type of skin, usually describe as oily/combination skin should be using some skin products and cosmetics that’s having oil control effect. It really helps your skin look less oily for a certain period of time. You might need to use the oil blotting paper after a few hours.

I asked my dermatologist before about using the oil blotting paper. She didn’t make definite comments about this but just remind me one point as I mention earlier. If you remove too much oil on your skin, it will have a compensate effect that will secret more oil from your glands. With more oil secretion, it might have a chance that will block your skin and leading to acne. So it’s okay when you using it like one or two times daily or just using some tissue paper to wipe on the oily area.

Beside the skin products you use, it will be much better if you eat less greasy/deep fry food in your diet. Some people might think it should not have any relationship with the diet you take but if you try, you’ll see the difference after a certain time.

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