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My friend from Korea bought some gifts for me. The gifts are mainly some skin care products from the famous Korean brand Sulwhasoo (설화수). She bought me a pack of Overnight Vitalizing Treatment(여윤팩), Hydroaid Cream and a set of Basic kit with 6 items.


The brand is using so many different kinds of herbal ingredient regarded as Korean herbal medicine cosmetics. JaEumDan is a group of five herbal medicine ingredients – Polygonatum Officinale, Nelumbo Nucifera, Paeonia Lacitflora, Rehmannia Glutinosa, and Lilium Tigrinum – carefully selected to treat skin dryness. Active circulation in the skin is considered very important in Korean herbal medicine. This is because the effectiveness of herbal medicine depends on how well it is absorbed and circulated in the skin. With significantly enhanced skin penetration coming from advanced research and fortified cosmetic counseling methods, Sulwhasoo provides improved nutrition and glow to skin.


I still have my own skin products that I’m using right now. So I only start to try the overnight treatment(여윤팩). It’s very simple to use. You only need to apply it on top of your own skin products before you are going to bed. The next morning, you only need to wash with water as the products recommend. I used it for 2 nights, I could feel my skin become softer in the morning. It’s not so expensive also, the tubing is 120ml and it’s cost $50000 in Won. Let me keep using for a longer period of time and see how’s the effect will show.




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Skin care workshop

I joined the workshop for the newly launch products “Superbly restorative line” last Sunday. This line having 3 kinds of products, the lotion, dry oil and skin slave. The smell of the whole line are so nice, not so strong and really nature. The skin lotion and dry oil are good for dry skin with some firming effects. The skin oil even can use as body message oil. The skin slave are so useful, have more than 10 different ways to apply, from the skin, nail cuticle, lips and hairs. I tried it on my lips but don’t really like the taste on it, still like the #1 lip balm better.

They also offered a hand message section and temporarily tattoo section (Morocco style). The hand message section’s a bit short but very comfortable. The tattoo section is just for fun, I did a start like pattern at my calf. You can choose the paint for 1 day or 1 week. I suppose to choose the paint for 1 week, but it’s already faded out when I took a bath @ home~glad that I took the photos for it!!


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