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My eyelashes collections

I got the eyelashes finally. Actually I bought 3 pairs, since this year I haven’t bought any birthday present for myself. It’s already one month after my birthday, but I still can buy something as a treat to me, right?

These 3 pairs really my flavor. One is the black lace one, another is green soft feather one, and the last one is one of the Viktor & Rolf collections “Swirl”.

For the collection, there are total 3 designs, the name are “WING”, “RHOMBUS ”& “SWIRL”. The English names seem not so special, but there names in Chinese are really nice, the name are “真愛”, “希望”, 及 “美善”. I’m not sure the name for them in Chinese, will ask the sales when I go visit the store next time.

(Want to publish it yestereday but the web site having some problems~!!) 

Here's are the 3 pairs of eyelashes~

Here's are the 3 pairs of eyelashes~


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Beautiful eyelashes

I went to some make up equipments shopping before Monday’s class. I bought a few things that I’m looking for awhile. After I look around, I bought 2 brushes one is the eyeliner brush another is the fan brush. The fan brush is to dust off some extra powder on the face. The texture of the fan brush is so nice and looks fancy compare to other brushes.

I also bought a black leather brush case which is long enough to hold all my brushes. It looks so professional but still don’t have time to put all the brushes inside.

Beside the brushes and cases, there is something that really attracts me. It’s the new collection of the eyelashes that cross over with Viktor & Rolf. The collection is so gorgeous. I saw it on the advertisement a weeks ago but when you saw the really things that actually put in front of you. It’s totally a stunning to me! I really want to buy them ALL, especially the one with the black laces. I still could remove the image inside my mind. I think what I’ll do is go to one of the counter and ask about the price and the availability. If the price is reasonable and within my budget, at least I want one pair in my collections ~ Wish me luck!!

When I browse around and looking for more information about the eyelashes. I find the Viktor & Rolf web site. I really like it, if you have time take a peek and see their 08/09 Fall & Winter collections. Enjoy~

Isn't it pretty~??

Isn't it pretty~??



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