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Time limited for skin products

I have some friends really love to buy new skin products and cosmetics. Sometimes they just used it once or just tried it and left it somewhere.

This time will talk about how long you can keep those skin products and cosmetics.

For the lotion/ cream, if you once open it, you can use it within 6 months. For the unopened one, if it doesn’t mention on the box, keep/store at some dry and cool place for around 3-5 years since manufactory date.

For essence and mask, because the ingredients are so vary it’s better to ask the counters for the safe period once open and the right place for storage.

For the perfume, if your store it cool and dry place, you can keep it for 3 years if not open. Once you open, it’s better to use it within 1 year.

For the cosmetics stuff, it’ not only depend on what kinds of products. It’s directly related the cleanliness if instrument that you used. So frequent cleansing of make up kits, actually to help you to keep your cosmetics products stay in a better condition.

For the unopened foundation, it can store for 5 years since manufactory date. Those opened once, use it within 6 months.

For the loose powder, since it’s suppose to be dry, so you can keep it for a long period but make sure the puff or the brushes is cleaned in a regular basis.

The eye make up, especially the mascara, once you opened, it’s better to used it within 3 months. You don’t want to get infected swelling eyes because using the expired mascara.

The eye shadow can keep for ~6months once opened.

Some people always forget when the date that they first open up the things was. It’s nice to get some small labels and write down the open date or the expiry date on the bottle, so that can remind you the safe period for the products.


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After kick off

Here’s come the first real lesson for my make up class after taking a break for the public holiday. All of us are so exciting about this lesson, and most of them are well preparing all the equipments, except me. Some of them even have the whole set of brushes. For me, I only bring along a few brushes, puff and sponge. I need to get at least 13 brushes for this course, busy week~!! Maybe I’ll get the student make up kit @ school first.

This lesson is about “Bridal make up for banquet”, can also apply for the evening makeup. The main focuses are the eyebrow and eye shadow for the whole image. The eye shadow is using the light purple and silver. We watched the teacher to do the demonstration on one of the student first. The mixing of the eye shadow is so nice, plus the fake eye lashes, it really makes the eye looking big and sharp.

After the demonstration, it’s our turn to practice and we only need to do half of the face only. I paired up with a classmate that already doing some freelance job for make up. We are the first group that finished on time. The teacher gives us comments afterward. My eye shadow part is not bright and sharp enough, the face shading is too long that extend almost to chin @ both side and the cheek should be a round shape instead of triangular shape. Overall, I only get a pass for this lesson, do need to practice more.

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