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The precious skin care products

Bulgari’s a brand famous for his fine jewelry, perfume and resorts. They just launch their new skin products about a month ago at the Bulgari’s resort at Bali. The skin care products contain mainly four types of gemstones : malachite, sapphire, citrine and tourmaline. These gemstones are naturally rich in skin-essential minerals and elements like copper, zinc, magnesium, iron and silion. The Crème Precieuse and Emulsion de Lumiere contain a polypeptide complex (collagen boosting) and hydroporine (a potent hydrating molecule) for smooth, supple skin. These products promise to help improve hydration (with zinc), regulate the production of melanin (with magnesium) and fight free radicals (antioxidant effects of silicon, copper and iron). But for meanwhile little research has been done to attest to the ability of these minerals to actually penetrate the skin’s surface.

The skin product is composed of three distinct lines:

1.           The Precieuse Line

A)     The Wrinkle Filler $700/5mL

B)   Intensive Regenerating Mask $1000/50mL

2.         Lumiere Line

C) Emulsion de Lumiere /Splendid Radiance Revitalizing Cream Day & Night $1250/50mL

D) Splendid Radiance Revitalizing Concentrate $1550/30mL

3.         The cleansing Line

E) Radiance Eye Makeup Remover $410/125mL

The entire skin product is now available in Lane Crowford, for enquiries: 852-2505-8580


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Nice weather but problem skin><

The weather is getting nice, sunny and breeze in the morning time. Even in the day times it’s not so hot compare to a few weeks ago. Due to the weather change the humidity is getting lower, only around 65% each day. You might feel your skin’s getting dry lately. Since my skin is so sensitive, I felt it like a month ago.

My skin will look not enough hydration and start having lots of acne for the whole month. When I see this sign, I’ll start change my skin products and not allow this condition getting worse, cause it’ll take me more than months to recover. I’m glad that I take the action early enough this year, the condition is under control now. I still have some marks but I only need to do some hydration mask for a period of time to get rid them.

So if you find your skin’s having troubles during the weather change, you should consider changing your skin products. I’m using some AHA products for cleansing and moisturizing. I’ll keep using it for awhile then will start using some hydration products for the whole winter time~!!

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No more oil

No people want a greasy look on their faces. We always use so many different ways to prevent our face to look oily. Those oil blotting papers are so commonly use. I know some of my friends are depend on it and couldn’t go out without a pack inside their pockets. Is it the only way that can prevent our face to look greasy?

Definitely not, some people’s sebaceous glands are more active apart from teenage time. For this type of skin, usually describe as oily/combination skin should be using some skin products and cosmetics that’s having oil control effect. It really helps your skin look less oily for a certain period of time. You might need to use the oil blotting paper after a few hours.

I asked my dermatologist before about using the oil blotting paper. She didn’t make definite comments about this but just remind me one point as I mention earlier. If you remove too much oil on your skin, it will have a compensate effect that will secret more oil from your glands. With more oil secretion, it might have a chance that will block your skin and leading to acne. So it’s okay when you using it like one or two times daily or just using some tissue paper to wipe on the oily area.

Beside the skin products you use, it will be much better if you eat less greasy/deep fry food in your diet. Some people might think it should not have any relationship with the diet you take but if you try, you’ll see the difference after a certain time.

The type I'm using




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Time limited for skin products

I have some friends really love to buy new skin products and cosmetics. Sometimes they just used it once or just tried it and left it somewhere.

This time will talk about how long you can keep those skin products and cosmetics.

For the lotion/ cream, if you once open it, you can use it within 6 months. For the unopened one, if it doesn’t mention on the box, keep/store at some dry and cool place for around 3-5 years since manufactory date.

For essence and mask, because the ingredients are so vary it’s better to ask the counters for the safe period once open and the right place for storage.

For the perfume, if your store it cool and dry place, you can keep it for 3 years if not open. Once you open, it’s better to use it within 1 year.

For the cosmetics stuff, it’ not only depend on what kinds of products. It’s directly related the cleanliness if instrument that you used. So frequent cleansing of make up kits, actually to help you to keep your cosmetics products stay in a better condition.

For the unopened foundation, it can store for 5 years since manufactory date. Those opened once, use it within 6 months.

For the loose powder, since it’s suppose to be dry, so you can keep it for a long period but make sure the puff or the brushes is cleaned in a regular basis.

The eye make up, especially the mascara, once you opened, it’s better to used it within 3 months. You don’t want to get infected swelling eyes because using the expired mascara.

The eye shadow can keep for ~6months once opened.

Some people always forget when the date that they first open up the things was. It’s nice to get some small labels and write down the open date or the expiry date on the bottle, so that can remind you the safe period for the products.

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