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Preparation for parties!!

Christmas’s coming less than 10 days, start having lots of celebrations~? Start to do preparation yet? Dieting? Doing daily facial??

This is my usual plan for holiday:

Keep your usual diet, with Carbohydrates only serve for breakfast and lunch. I’ll easily get water retention if I have too much Carbs at night. Eat different variety of fruits and vegetables before meal or as snack during the daytime. Drink plenty of water especially the humidity is so low recently. Your body needs water to burn fat, to get rid of the waste inside yourself and supply to your cells.

Keep exercise at least 3 times a week. If you want to look glowing, I mean nature glow, even the most expensive makeup couldn’t make you this way. The only way is to do exercise, so you can keep the metabolic rate and also enough oxygen supply to your body.

I’ll keep using facial mask to keep my skin. The most effective ingredient is “Yakult” mask. You only need around half to 1/3 of the bottle each time, using some cotton pads or dry paper mask to let it soak through. Then, apply it to your face for 10mins and after that rinse with water. Finally just put on you daily skin care. This is a cheap and very effective methods, even sensitive skin can try. I told many friends about this “Yakult” mask, and they love it so much~!! Try it and let me know how you feel about this mask!!


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GAP Beauty arrive in HK

GAP beauty just launched their perfume line “Individuals” at Faces this month.

The Original、The Natural、The Visionary、The Artist and The Lover.

 $390 (100ml) / $290 (50ml)



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