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Brilliant Eyes Compact

It’s been a while for doing any review of the new products. This time is the brilliant eyes compact from Jill Stuart. The color I got is 03 Amber gazes; contain 4 colors, all with shimmery powders. The compact is a bit big in size but it doesn’t matter if you are not going to carry it around. The application sponges with a long handle which make it much easier to hold, and the sponge itself is quite soft. For the size of the sponge, the large size just right but for the smaller part just not fine enough.

For the colors is really natural, the shimmery effect is nice as daily use but need some extra shimmery powder if you want more shimmer effect.




♥♥♥♥ (5♥=Full marks)


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IPL/Chemical peel?

Many people heard about these 2 kinds of treatment but, is it suitable for all kind of people?

The IPL is mean Intensed Pulsed Light. The pulses of light produced by IPL equipment are very short in duration, so discomfort and damage to non-target tissues is minor. Most people who undergo IPL epilation only experience slight irritation similar to that of a minor sunburn though under certain circumstances, blisters may occur. IPL technology is employed in the treatment of medical disorders of the skin including sun damage induced dyspigmentation and vascular changes; poikiloderma of Civatte; acne Rosacea; broken capillaries/telangiectases; vascular and pigmented birth marks. It can also use for hair removal. Pregnant women are not recommended to perform this kind of treatment.

Chemical peel is a treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin using a chemical solution that causes the skin to have some chemical effect and eventually peel off. The regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. This treatment also can use to treat mild acne and minor acne scar. It can also aggrevate the removal of the dead skin. It can reduce the dullness of your skin and make your more even in the skin tone. Chemical peel usually use the AHA (Alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA(Beta hydroxy acid) as the main ingredient.

Before to thing about which treatment is benefit to your skin. You need to make sure you are not allergy to sun light or acid. The it’s better for you to find a dermatologist to choose the right treament and perform the treatment for you.

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Need Vitamins??

Sometimes we are only focus on the products that apply on the face that having so many precious ingredients inside. Are U sure that all the ingredients that can absorb or benefit to your skin? I’m sure the things that you eat is much more benefit than the things you put on your skin.

How do you know what kind of nutritional supplement is right for you?
First you should decide if you need a supplement. If you can answer the following question with “yes”, you may not need one:
Do you almost always eat freshly prepared food with at least 5 kinds of fruits and vegetables a day? If not, ask yourself a few more questions: Is your life stressful? Do you get enough sleep? Do you smoke? Do you eat fast food? Do you live in a city where the air and water may be polluted? If you answered any of these questions with “yes” you probably need a supplement.

If you decided that you do need a supplement, try to find one that gives you the proper balance of vitamins and minerals.For example, you probably need between 400 and 800 IU (International Units) of vitamin E and between 1,000 and 1,500 mg of vitamin C a day. Vitamins E and C should always be taken together, so be sure a supplement has both. You also need alpha- and beta-carotene. Other necessary vitamins include the vitamins B12, and B6, niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), and thiamin (vitamin B1). Glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, Co-enzyme Q10, the bioflavonoids including anthocyanidins found in grape seeds, alpha lipoic acid, and several other antioxidants would be very good as well.



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Lesson 3~Long class……

Last night our make up class last till 1130, total four and half hours and I’m the 2nd one leaving the class.

At the beginning, we start doing the whole face from make up base to powder with another classmate. Each of the students only allows 15mins for this task. All of us able to do it within this time limit. But not all the outcomes are satisfied to the teacher.

Afterward it’s the time for the teacher to do the demonstration for one of the student. The eye shadow this time is using a pinkish purple and shiny gold color. The color is for matching the traditional Chinese wedding gown. The cheek is using an orange/pinkish blush and match with the pinkish lips ‘color.


After my practice, the teacher still not satisfies my shading on both side of my face and the eyeliner is not sharp enough. I better practice some more before the next lesson.


When we wait for the teacher gave us all the comments, it’s already after 11pm. Then she told us about the details for our assignment. It took her another 30mins to let us know the details and the requirements. The whole assignments contain 2 parts, one we have to do a make over for either, bridal (Chinese/Western)/evening gown. Everyone need to set a theme for the wedding, and do research for the information’s for wedding with 1500-2000 words report. I haven’t write that numbers of report for son long~A bit scary~!!

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23rd June

Tonight I’m having make up class again. This time will be doing the make up for Chinese wedding gown. I’m thinking weather the teacher’s going to use red, pink or orange for the main color. Let you know later~!!


I saw a few phrases that really catch my eye in Chinese last night. I translate it into English with the same meaning. Just want to share in here:


Let’s love like you never hurt before

Let’s dance like nobody looking at you

Let’s sing like no one can hear you

Let’s work like you don’t need to work for money

Let’s live like this is the last day of your life


相愛吧 就像沒有受過傷害一樣
跳舞吧 就像誰都沒有看你一樣
唱歌吧 就像沒有人聽到一樣
工作吧 就像你不需要錢一樣
生活吧 就像今天是最後一天


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It’s a very common skin problem since teenage. There are different severity vary from individual. Since the problem is mainly on the face, so it’s quite bothering even a small pimple.

Most of people might think the oil that causing the acne, and what they do is try to wash away all the oily feeling on their skin. But since the skin has some defense mechanism, if your skin lack of oil, the sebaceous gland will secret more oil to your skin. The right way to do is using mild soap less free cleanser and cold water to clean you face twice daily. Apply some hydration cream or lotion immediately after you pad dry your skin. Put the acne medication on top as instruction or physician prescription. Try to avoid using make up and not to touch it with your hand.

Many of people like to pinch the acne with pus. Remember you might get infection from doing this. Once your acne gets infection, it might have some acne scar in your face. The acne scar is like a small pit on your face and it’s very hard to treat.

I’m using a really nice acne treatment thing I find out myself. It’s a tea tree oil from Australia. I try a few brands before and this is really my favor. You can apply to the area that is in the early stage of develop acne. It will reduce the size and inflammation effect. When I go travel around, this is a must have item for me, not only for acne, even for some insects bit and small wound.

It’s only some hints for mild acne, if you are having severe one. You’ll better to find a dermatologist to help you. There’re so many different way and combination treatment for treating acne, find the right one and I’m sure you it can cure but you have to be very patient and comply to your treatment.


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My make up kit

I just got my first make up kit for my course. It’s a quite important for a make up artist to have a set of their own make up kit; some even have more than one/two set. The skills for make up technique are important to the professional artist but the kit is also another important thing for them. There are so many different kinds of things that can include in the make up kit; at you need to have some blushes. For a sample, different size of eye shadow blushes made of nylon/hair, eyebrow brushes, highlight brushes, face powder brushes, cheek blushes, lash curler, lip brushes. For the eye shadow brushes, you better have at least 2 sets, one for the light color and one for the dark color eye shadow.

Here’s my set I want to show you. I already have a few brushes my own. I added 13 brushes in my kit; it’s around 20 in totals. It’s just enough for a make up student like me. For the professional, they probably have lot more than this and they’ll always keep searching for the best equipments for themselves. Some of the famous make up artist in Hong Kong even have their own brand name brushes. The same theory apply, you have to try and fins out the right kit for yourself, not all the famous brands are good for you, just take time to try them out one by one. Maybe with some luck too~!!

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