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Having a break

Not writing a word for awhile, I’ve been lazy after the written test and make up test. My excuse is I have to hand in an assignment for this coming Thursday. The assignment I need to choose a theme for a wedding, write something about the theme, around 1000-1500 words. Beside I also need to do a make up related to the theme and taking the photos for pre & post result. Finally I also need to do a sketch about A4 size and describe the shading and highlight areas.

For the assignment, only the portrait part left. Hopefully I can finish it by tonight.

For my next module, it’ll start next Wednesday. This module will getting harder and we’ll start having some out job experience.


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Brush cleansing

If you want to keep your brushes longer, you really have to spend some times on the how to care of them. For your own brushes, you might be using it daily, repeat and repeat using it. For those make up artist, they might use their kit more frequent and using on different people. No matter the kit you are using on your own or on others. Cleansing the brushes and keep them well hygiene are very important.

For normal cleansing, you don’t have to use those specific cleansers for brushes. You can use some ordinary shampoo for cleansing. After rinse it, it’s better to use some conditioner for the brushes to keep it soft and give it a protection. For drying, keep it at a cool place and let it try naturally.

Sometimes I’ll use the specific brush cleanser, for some quick cleansing and it also have the mild antiseptics effect. I just need to pour out certain amount on a tissue and rub the brushes on top of it for a few times, that’s it! It’s really good for the smaller size brushes but for those bigger one, it’s better to wash it with shampoo for thorough cleansing.


The type I'm using!

The type I'm using


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Lazy weekend

Have been lazy over the weekend, just keep watching the Olympic matches. I haven’t watched so many varieties of sports before, like gun shooting, archery, and weightlifting. Gymnastics, volleyball & diving are still my favorites among all the sports.

I spend too much time on TV. It’s really time for me to start my revision and prepare for my test next Monday. Having 2 parts for the test, first is written test and the second part is to do an evening make up. I start studying my notes for the written; so many information need to remember. I’ll try to sum up some of the points and share it in here.

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Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream

We talked about some eye care earlier. Recently I try an eye cream that I think with really good effect. It’s the “Dior Capture R60-80 TM Yeux Wrinkle Eye Cream”. I start used the sample size first, only 3ml. I can use it for almost 3 weeks for day and night time. The effect is do fast, I used it once, then I can see the different in the morning. The main effect for this cream is anti-wrinkles. I have so many find lines underneath my eye with my dark circle. The morning after, I can see my lines getting more even and feel my skin under my eye’s tightening a bit.

The cream texture is not so thick, rather between gel and cream like. The smell of the cream is very nice, with mild floral fragrance. I’ll keep using it for a while but will still keep another brand for my dark eye circle.


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Revision result

Last night was really a pre-examination for us. We separated in to 4 groups. Each of us only got exactly 45mins for our make up work to finish.

My partner did the make over for me first. She spent most of the times doing my eyebrow and choosing the eye color, not enough time to do the blush. The teacher gave us 15mins more minutes to finish up the work but 5 points will be deducted.


After the teacher gave us the comments for the first round, then it’s my turn to do the make over. I started to do the base and foundation stick as usual. The eyebrow and the eyelash are always the most challenging part to me. It’s not easy to make the two sides even, so I spent a certain time for that. I’m glad that I decide the colors of the eye shadow. Actually I finished my work just on time. For the comments, still those same old faults I did before. I do need to work hard on the shading, eyebrow and blush color.

Overall, the teacher said all of us should be failed if we did our work like this. We know we have a lot for improvement and there are not many time for us to practice before the exam. I still feel satisfy for my work, since my partner’s very happy for her look, she told me her eye’s never ever this Big before^^! It’s very good to make people feeling happy, it’s the reason that I want to do make up for others~

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Final revision

I did some practice myself on Saturday with one of my friend as my model. I took around one and half hour to do one bridal makeup and evening makeup. I was very late for my practice session, so I did it so rush and the teacher comment’s not so good.

I need to decide the colors we used for the exam by tonight, since the teacher will give comment about our work. I ‘m getting nervous, not sure which colors I’m going to use and I think I’m not practice enough for it too.


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Eye care Part II

We mention some ways to keep our eyes healthy yesterday.

Here are some points of not to do, they are also important for protecting your eyes, so check them out!


1.             Don’t rub your eyes!
I know this is very hard to comply; I myself am always tempted when it gets itchy due to my allergy. But just remember that rubbing your eyes can cause wrinkles as the skin around them is very delicate. Wrinkles! Scary stuff women don’t want to have, so NO RUBBING starts from today! (As a side note, rubbing could also damage your cornea if there are dusts or substances on it.)
Just blink your eyes when it feels uncomfortable. Every time you blink your eye, a tiny bit of tear fluid comes out of your upper eyelid. It helps wash away germs, dust, or other particles that don’t belong in your eye.

2. Don’t cover your eyes with your hair
Otherwise you won’t be able to see things! It would also affect your eye sight as you are constantly not seeing things clearly (through the “hair curtain”); your eyes would send wrong messages to your brain that the eyes have problems. And eventually, you might end up with glasses covering the beautiful eyes.

3. Don’t read under strong lighting or with light shining directly into your eyes.

4. Don’t read in moving vehicles
It’s always shaky on vehicles and your eyes need extra concentration to focus and cause eye strain, which will dry your eyes and make them tired.

Remember not to do any of the above.

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