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Brush cleansing

If you want to keep your brushes longer, you really have to spend some times on the how to care of them. For your own brushes, you might be using it daily, repeat and repeat using it. For those make up artist, they might use their kit more frequent and using on different people. No matter the kit you are using on your own or on others. Cleansing the brushes and keep them well hygiene are very important.

For normal cleansing, you don’t have to use those specific cleansers for brushes. You can use some ordinary shampoo for cleansing. After rinse it, it’s better to use some conditioner for the brushes to keep it soft and give it a protection. For drying, keep it at a cool place and let it try naturally.

Sometimes I’ll use the specific brush cleanser, for some quick cleansing and it also have the mild antiseptics effect. I just need to pour out certain amount on a tissue and rub the brushes on top of it for a few times, that’s it! It’s really good for the smaller size brushes but for those bigger one, it’s better to wash it with shampoo for thorough cleansing.


The type I'm using!

The type I'm using



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My leather make up pouch

I finally have some times in the weekend. So I clean up all the brushes before putting them inside this new pouch. I haven’t opened the box again after I bought this home. I took it out from the box; it feels much softer than I felt it @ the shop. I love this texture and the smell of the leather.

I put all the brushes into the pouch one by one. Most of my brushes with brown handles. It looks a bit strange inside the pouch, so I plan to search for some nice brushes with black handle into my collections!!  


Inside the box

Inside the box



With brushes

With brushes





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Beautiful eyelashes

I went to some make up equipments shopping before Monday’s class. I bought a few things that I’m looking for awhile. After I look around, I bought 2 brushes one is the eyeliner brush another is the fan brush. The fan brush is to dust off some extra powder on the face. The texture of the fan brush is so nice and looks fancy compare to other brushes.

I also bought a black leather brush case which is long enough to hold all my brushes. It looks so professional but still don’t have time to put all the brushes inside.

Beside the brushes and cases, there is something that really attracts me. It’s the new collection of the eyelashes that cross over with Viktor & Rolf. The collection is so gorgeous. I saw it on the advertisement a weeks ago but when you saw the really things that actually put in front of you. It’s totally a stunning to me! I really want to buy them ALL, especially the one with the black laces. I still could remove the image inside my mind. I think what I’ll do is go to one of the counter and ask about the price and the availability. If the price is reasonable and within my budget, at least I want one pair in my collections ~ Wish me luck!!

When I browse around and looking for more information about the eyelashes. I find the Viktor & Rolf web site. I really like it, if you have time take a peek and see their 08/09 Fall & Winter collections. Enjoy~

Isn't it pretty~??

Isn't it pretty~??



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My make up kit

I just got my first make up kit for my course. It’s a quite important for a make up artist to have a set of their own make up kit; some even have more than one/two set. The skills for make up technique are important to the professional artist but the kit is also another important thing for them. There are so many different kinds of things that can include in the make up kit; at you need to have some blushes. For a sample, different size of eye shadow blushes made of nylon/hair, eyebrow brushes, highlight brushes, face powder brushes, cheek blushes, lash curler, lip brushes. For the eye shadow brushes, you better have at least 2 sets, one for the light color and one for the dark color eye shadow.

Here’s my set I want to show you. I already have a few brushes my own. I added 13 brushes in my kit; it’s around 20 in totals. It’s just enough for a make up student like me. For the professional, they probably have lot more than this and they’ll always keep searching for the best equipments for themselves. Some of the famous make up artist in Hong Kong even have their own brand name brushes. The same theory apply, you have to try and fins out the right kit for yourself, not all the famous brands are good for you, just take time to try them out one by one. Maybe with some luck too~!!

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