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Another module summary

I’ve just finished the makeup class examination last week. It’s the time for me to prepare my assignment which will be due next Tuesday.

For the makeup part, I got the highest mark among my group. I was really happy about this. Thank you so much for my models, for the one who gave me time for practicing and the one who’s participated at the exam.

Here’s are some photos highlight my works in this module











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2nd module of my make up class

My make up class’s second module already start 3 weeks ago. This time we study the evolution of the make up during different period of time.

The first lesson we study about the gothic period. It’s a dark and mystery period. The make up for that period of time also present the same thing. This is really the first time I use black color for other’s lip. I think this make up can use for Halloween as well.


The second class is about the Victoria period. It’s the period of time with really light make up that you barely able to notice.

I got back my last module assignment in this class, just got a pass for the assignment. For the next assignment, we need to choose a certain period of time and do some research for that period not only for the make up, better including some lifestyle, fashion, big events, fashion icon……The teacher told us the 80’s is most common that the student will pick for the topic and we need to do a make up related to the 80’s for our make up examination too. I better start to look for some information for that~!!


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Having a break

Not writing a word for awhile, I’ve been lazy after the written test and make up test. My excuse is I have to hand in an assignment for this coming Thursday. The assignment I need to choose a theme for a wedding, write something about the theme, around 1000-1500 words. Beside I also need to do a make up related to the theme and taking the photos for pre & post result. Finally I also need to do a sketch about A4 size and describe the shading and highlight areas.

For the assignment, only the portrait part left. Hopefully I can finish it by tonight.

For my next module, it’ll start next Wednesday. This module will getting harder and we’ll start having some out job experience.

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Revision result

Last night was really a pre-examination for us. We separated in to 4 groups. Each of us only got exactly 45mins for our make up work to finish.

My partner did the make over for me first. She spent most of the times doing my eyebrow and choosing the eye color, not enough time to do the blush. The teacher gave us 15mins more minutes to finish up the work but 5 points will be deducted.


After the teacher gave us the comments for the first round, then it’s my turn to do the make over. I started to do the base and foundation stick as usual. The eyebrow and the eyelash are always the most challenging part to me. It’s not easy to make the two sides even, so I spent a certain time for that. I’m glad that I decide the colors of the eye shadow. Actually I finished my work just on time. For the comments, still those same old faults I did before. I do need to work hard on the shading, eyebrow and blush color.

Overall, the teacher said all of us should be failed if we did our work like this. We know we have a lot for improvement and there are not many time for us to practice before the exam. I still feel satisfy for my work, since my partner’s very happy for her look, she told me her eye’s never ever this Big before^^! It’s very good to make people feeling happy, it’s the reason that I want to do make up for others~

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Final revision

I did some practice myself on Saturday with one of my friend as my model. I took around one and half hour to do one bridal makeup and evening makeup. I was very late for my practice session, so I did it so rush and the teacher comment’s not so good.

I need to decide the colors we used for the exam by tonight, since the teacher will give comment about our work. I ‘m getting nervous, not sure which colors I’m going to use and I think I’m not practice enough for it too.


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7th Lesson

Monday was my 7th lesson of my make up class. This time we practice the evening make up with heavy smoky eyes. I do like smoky eyes but sometimes just think my eyes is too round for this. Smoky eyes can make your eye look bigger and your dark circle less visible.


The color tone for this time is very dark, using black with dark purple and pinkish purple for the smoky effect. The 3 colors after blending finally come out with 9 colors (Real pretty colors). It’s not really like a evening make up. I don’t think many people can accept this. It’s more like a stage make up or for some dance performance.

The black color powder eye shadow really makes a mess when I applied. The teacher teaches us the method to clean up the mess on model’s face. We have to use a clean sponge and some liquid foundation to remove the dirt and apply some dry powder later on. The clean up process really takes times. For the smoky eyes’ skill, I think I really need to practice some more~!!

Smoky eye~!!

Smoky eye~!!

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Lesson 6-Stick!

It’s the 6th lesson of the class already. This time we learn about how to apply foundation stick instead of liquid/cream. It really requires some skills when we saw the teacher’s demonstration. For our exam, we need to use the stick as the foundation and need to use it for doing the shading also. It so widely use for studio make up.

For the application, you need to use a sponge to apply on your face, better with large pores. The make up base is not so important compare to other forms of foundation. Since the coverage is so well, you only need to correct the discoloration of your skin. When you apply the foundation on the face you have to press it on the face with some gentle force, bit by bit. After you apply it evenly on the skin, then you can use one lower tone than the base color for the shining effect and a dark color (here we use #10W) as the shading color. After all, you just apply the loose powder on top to fix it and make it look matt and feel smoother.

The class still finished late, around 11pm. All of us are so hungry but really eager to go home but the class is really fun. After the 6 lessons, we just like a group of friends. When we doing the practice we talk, we make fun of each other.  This module only has 2 lessons behind; hopefully we can see all of us in the next module.

I did this side~

I did this side~

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