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Eye care

We see things through our eyes: pretty, ugly, happy, sad, clean, dirty…etc. Without eyes, our lives would be colorless, so it makes sense for us to take good care of them. There are a few things that we can so it daily to keep your eye healthy:

1. Blink often
Blinking is a good massage and exercise to the eyes.

2. Vitamin A for brighter eyes!
Vitamin A is very important for night vision. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to further eye disorders with symptoms such as dryness of the conjunctiva, swollen lids and ulcers that can form on the cornea.
So keep a balanced diet, including food that are rich in Vitamin A, e.g. water melon, tomato, papaya, carrot, colored vegetables.

3. 8 glasses of water a day, gets the puffiness away!
When you are dehydrated, the body will start storing up water and that’s when the puffiness appears. So stay hydrated to prevent that. Plus, water can flush out the waste inside your body and thus avoid puffiness in the eyes. But avoid taking water too much water before sleep.


4. Massage your eyes with Palming

To help blood circulation around the eye area, use your fourth finger to tap around the eyes for 3 minutes every morning. This can reduce puffiness and dark circle in the long run. You will find this is so nice and reduce your eye fatigue


5. Rest your eyes
Take 5-10 minutes rest after using the computer for 30-40 minutes.

6. Sufficient sleep

Take adequate rest. It will refresh the eyes and help them work more efficiently.The best remedy is all about resting after all. Try your best to have 8 hours sleep every night. I know it’s not easy, but try to keep it and you really can see the result.


Keep on working!


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The eyebrow is one of the important things for your image. There are so many different shapes of eyebrow. For the five basic shapes are curved, angled, soft angled, round and flat. Different shapes give people different impression.

I think most of the lady do spend times and money to keep their eyebrow in a good shape. There are so many equipments that can help you to create the eyebrow shape that you want.

For the ideal eyebrow shape, there is a so call rule. It begins from the side of the nostril to the end of the eyebrow passing beyond the outer corner of the eye. As those beginner make up artist like me, I’ll use a brush to see weather the eyebrow is long enough or not.

Beside the shape, color is another important thing for the eyebrow. The ideal color is match up with your hair color. And remember, the dark color will make people look wickedness. So be careful when you choose your eyebrow color.

Eyebrow rule

Eyebrow rule


Equipment help you to shape your eyebrow

Equipment help you to shape your eyebrow

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Last lesson

This is the last lesson before the revision. It means the exam day is coming shortly. In this lesson, the teacher demonstrates the technique to apply double eyelid tape. The teacher also shows us different type of the tape. Some are already cut in shape; some are just a roll of tape that you have to cut every time you use, some are very fine tape that keep inside and plastic tape and double eyelid glue with the applicator.

The most effective and commonly use is the double eyelid tape. The fine tape is only for some minor problem but really like invisible. The effect of the glue is so artificial.

The key point for applying the tape or glue is you have to apply it before your make up base and foundation. So that you can keep the tape longer in place and hold the effect for a longer time.

This week we have to decide the colors combination for our exam and do it on the next lesson for our teacher’s comment. Any suggestion for the colors (evening make up)? I also need to prepare my assignment, I’m still thinking about the topics, if you have any particular theme for your dream wedding, please drop me a note to give me some idea~^^.

Double eyelid glue

Double eyelid glue



Double eyelid tape

Double eyelid tape

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After sun care

It’s been very hot lately. Most of my friends go to hit the beach or pool to cool down a bit. And many of them get sun burn after the sun exposure. Most of them will ask me what to do after they got burn. Because they really want to get rid of the redness, pain, swelling, and even blister. Peeling usually follows several days later. The pain of sunburn is usually greatest between 6 and 48 hours after exposure.

If you don’t want to get burn, here are some tips:

  • Try to avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when its rays are strongest
  • Use a sunscreen with SPF of 15 or greater at all times. Use a waterproof product if swimming or exercising and reapply according to directions.
  • Beware of cloudy days, you can still burn then
  • Don’t use sunlamps, reflectors, or tanning beds. They produce high levels of ultraviolet radiation!
  • Be informed about any medications you are taking and their side effects. Many types of medications react badly to sun exposure.

If you are already got the sun burn, here something that you can do:

  • First you must stop the burn
    • Use cool wet compresses for first 48 hours.Not to use ice.
    • Cool oatmeal baths may be helpful
    • NO lotions or petroleum jelly in the first 48 hours!! These hold in the heat!
    • You MAY use Aloe Vera Gels in the first 48 hours
    • Apply moisturizing lotions after 48 hours
    • Aspirin taken as directed on the label may help ease pain
  • Seek medical attention if fever, fluid-filled blisters, dizziness or visual disturbances are present



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7th Lesson

Monday was my 7th lesson of my make up class. This time we practice the evening make up with heavy smoky eyes. I do like smoky eyes but sometimes just think my eyes is too round for this. Smoky eyes can make your eye look bigger and your dark circle less visible.


The color tone for this time is very dark, using black with dark purple and pinkish purple for the smoky effect. The 3 colors after blending finally come out with 9 colors (Real pretty colors). It’s not really like a evening make up. I don’t think many people can accept this. It’s more like a stage make up or for some dance performance.

The black color powder eye shadow really makes a mess when I applied. The teacher teaches us the method to clean up the mess on model’s face. We have to use a clean sponge and some liquid foundation to remove the dirt and apply some dry powder later on. The clean up process really takes times. For the smoky eyes’ skill, I think I really need to practice some more~!!

Smoky eye~!!

Smoky eye~!!

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The Cosmopro Asia 2008

The Cosmopro Asia 2008 will celebrate the 13th Anniversary this year during the 12-14/11/2008 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This event is for the global networking in the beauty and health industry.

One of my classmate when to this exhibition last year, she find some really good stuff with a really low price. I’m planning my schedule to visit the exhibition, especially want to see some of the shows and get some make up kits or products with a good price.


展覽會名稱 Name of the Event: 亞太區美容展2008/
The Cosmopro Asia 2008
地點Venue: 香港會議展覽中心/
The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
查詢電話enquiry: 2827 6211



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My leather make up pouch

I finally have some times in the weekend. So I clean up all the brushes before putting them inside this new pouch. I haven’t opened the box again after I bought this home. I took it out from the box; it feels much softer than I felt it @ the shop. I love this texture and the smell of the leather.

I put all the brushes into the pouch one by one. Most of my brushes with brown handles. It looks a bit strange inside the pouch, so I plan to search for some nice brushes with black handle into my collections!!  


Inside the box

Inside the box



With brushes

With brushes





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