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Duty free shop

Every time I travel, I always like to shop around the duty free shop. It’s already part of my trip. I love to shop at the airport duty free. After you check in, you will have at least and hour or more to spend inside the airport. Sometimes you might forget to bring along some daily skin products. You can just look around at the duty free shop and find the things you need. Beside the killing time reason, I always find so many great deals at the duty free shop. They will have some special set, like travel set and limited edition set that you can buy it for trail or keep in your collections.

About 2 weeks ago, I went to Kaoshiung. When I came back to Hong Kong, I shopped at the duty free shop inside the airport. I found a SK II set only cost $1600 TWD (~$400HKD). It’s ~50% off. The set include 2 facial treatment masks, 2 whitening masks, a bottle of facial treatment lotion 75mL and a 15mL sign treatment cream. The ladies told me that I was lucky because that was the last set. I told her that I’m not lucky enough because I can only buy one and I’d like to buy more than one set.

Next time when you are going out for travel or business trip, remember to stop by the duty free shop. If you have time to look around, you will find some nice deal that’s benefit to you and save you money for your trip.  

Duty free shop

Duty free shop


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