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Eye care Part II

We mention some ways to keep our eyes healthy yesterday.

Here are some points of not to do, they are also important for protecting your eyes, so check them out!


1.             Don’t rub your eyes!
I know this is very hard to comply; I myself am always tempted when it gets itchy due to my allergy. But just remember that rubbing your eyes can cause wrinkles as the skin around them is very delicate. Wrinkles! Scary stuff women don’t want to have, so NO RUBBING starts from today! (As a side note, rubbing could also damage your cornea if there are dusts or substances on it.)
Just blink your eyes when it feels uncomfortable. Every time you blink your eye, a tiny bit of tear fluid comes out of your upper eyelid. It helps wash away germs, dust, or other particles that don’t belong in your eye.

2. Don’t cover your eyes with your hair
Otherwise you won’t be able to see things! It would also affect your eye sight as you are constantly not seeing things clearly (through the “hair curtain”); your eyes would send wrong messages to your brain that the eyes have problems. And eventually, you might end up with glasses covering the beautiful eyes.

3. Don’t read under strong lighting or with light shining directly into your eyes.

4. Don’t read in moving vehicles
It’s always shaky on vehicles and your eyes need extra concentration to focus and cause eye strain, which will dry your eyes and make them tired.

Remember not to do any of the above.


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Eye care

We see things through our eyes: pretty, ugly, happy, sad, clean, dirty…etc. Without eyes, our lives would be colorless, so it makes sense for us to take good care of them. There are a few things that we can so it daily to keep your eye healthy:

1. Blink often
Blinking is a good massage and exercise to the eyes.

2. Vitamin A for brighter eyes!
Vitamin A is very important for night vision. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to further eye disorders with symptoms such as dryness of the conjunctiva, swollen lids and ulcers that can form on the cornea.
So keep a balanced diet, including food that are rich in Vitamin A, e.g. water melon, tomato, papaya, carrot, colored vegetables.

3. 8 glasses of water a day, gets the puffiness away!
When you are dehydrated, the body will start storing up water and that’s when the puffiness appears. So stay hydrated to prevent that. Plus, water can flush out the waste inside your body and thus avoid puffiness in the eyes. But avoid taking water too much water before sleep.


4. Massage your eyes with Palming

To help blood circulation around the eye area, use your fourth finger to tap around the eyes for 3 minutes every morning. This can reduce puffiness and dark circle in the long run. You will find this is so nice and reduce your eye fatigue


5. Rest your eyes
Take 5-10 minutes rest after using the computer for 30-40 minutes.

6. Sufficient sleep

Take adequate rest. It will refresh the eyes and help them work more efficiently.The best remedy is all about resting after all. Try your best to have 8 hours sleep every night. I know it’s not easy, but try to keep it and you really can see the result.


Keep on working!

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