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The precious skin care products

Bulgari’s a brand famous for his fine jewelry, perfume and resorts. They just launch their new skin products about a month ago at the Bulgari’s resort at Bali. The skin care products contain mainly four types of gemstones : malachite, sapphire, citrine and tourmaline. These gemstones are naturally rich in skin-essential minerals and elements like copper, zinc, magnesium, iron and silion. The Crème Precieuse and Emulsion de Lumiere contain a polypeptide complex (collagen boosting) and hydroporine (a potent hydrating molecule) for smooth, supple skin. These products promise to help improve hydration (with zinc), regulate the production of melanin (with magnesium) and fight free radicals (antioxidant effects of silicon, copper and iron). But for meanwhile little research has been done to attest to the ability of these minerals to actually penetrate the skin’s surface.

The skin product is composed of three distinct lines:

1.           The Precieuse Line

A)     The Wrinkle Filler $700/5mL

B)   Intensive Regenerating Mask $1000/50mL

2.         Lumiere Line

C) Emulsion de Lumiere /Splendid Radiance Revitalizing Cream Day & Night $1250/50mL

D) Splendid Radiance Revitalizing Concentrate $1550/30mL

3.         The cleansing Line

E) Radiance Eye Makeup Remover $410/125mL

The entire skin product is now available in Lane Crowford, for enquiries: 852-2505-8580


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Other favor things~

I like all the makeup stuff and also try out different brand of skin products. Perfume is another thing that I like. Since I was a kid my smelling sense quite sensitive, I can smell the ingredient while my mom’s cooking in the kitchen and I love the smell of the cooking of rice. It makes me feel so fresh and warm when I was little.

Perfume is another thing that I love to collect and also try out. I collect them not just because the aroma, sometimes it’s the design of the perfume container and sometimes it’s for the name of the perfume. I like to use different kind of perfume for different seasons, weather, day or night time, but the most important is depend on my mood. I always feel that the right aroma can cheer me up and really make my day different.

For day time I usually using some body mist for work, like the Dream/Moon walk (both from GAP & bought from US), mainly using during summer time. For night time, I’m using the Miss Dior Cherie perfume/Bulgari Rose Essentielle.  Anna Sui’s perfume bottles are also my collection, the Night of fancy (new version of Flight of fancy), the bottle’s just look so great to me, cause I love purple things.  I saw some adv lately that the Banana Republic will launch a new series of perfume during November.

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